Electronic Esusu: Best electronic brands you should know

Brand names are often the first thing we notice when making a purchase online. They give us a better idea of a product’s credibility and quality. Since most famous brands continue to live up to their reputation, they are able to remain in their top position in the industry. The top electronic brands today are namely:


Samsung devices are manufactured in South Korea. Despite being produced in this country, they are famous all over Asia and the world. Their most prominent feature is the ‘Smart Things’ which is an application that creates a cool ecosystem for connected devices in your home. As one of the leading brands, they showcase their innovative thinking by creating more products that catch the attention of many.


Known for its supply chain of electrical devices, Dell is one of the leading electronic brands of today. They follow a unique direct-sales model and a build-to-order feature which makes it stand out in the market. Some of their most famous products are laptops, personal computers and data storage devices.


Famous among many celebrities and elite society, Apple products have been dubbed as a status symbol. It has an incomparable brand equity and unique selling point that always gains the attention of onlookers every time a new model comes out. They are famous for their smartphones and laptops.


LG is particularly known for their smart television sets. They have been in the industry from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. Since then, they continue to evolve and made their mark in the electronics industry. Although they are more known for their home appliances, they have also ventured into other fields like mobile phone and vehicles. Consumers also love their customer service which is easily accessible and is quick to track any repairs or problems. The LG Corporation shows that they don’t only produce high-quality products but also great care for their customers.


Established in 1946, Sony is a Japan-based brand. Their first product was rice cookers and since then they have become known to be the top consumer electronics company. Aside from televisions, they also produce PlayStation game consoles that continuously rise in popularity. Every gamer knows that Sony has the best line of consoles for an amazing video game experience. Moreover, they are famous for their digital cameras, smartphones and headphones.


HP or the Hewlett-Packard Company is another famous electronics brand around the world. Founded in 1939, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started this company with the creation of an audio oscillator. One of their first customers was Walt Disney and since then they have expanded into different lines of products. Some examples are monitors, laptops and printers.

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