A beginner’s guide to budgeting

Electronic Esusu: A beginner’s guide to budgeting

Handling finances is a challenging thing for many adults. A lot of things had to be taken into consideration when it comes to budgeting like your income, needs and wants. However, you don’t have to worry about this alone because Electronic Esusu has got you covered. We’ve rounded up the most important budgeting tips for beginners here:

Start with what matters most first

When you get your paycheck, the first thing you should do is allocate a good amount of money for all your necessities. This includes your food, utilities, shelter and transportation. If you have a family, you also have to consider your children’s tuition fees and allowance. Once you have designated money for those categories, you can now start spending a suitable amount for your wants.

Pay off any debt

If you have any debt, it is important to pay it back as soon as you can. Paying it off is a top priority because you have to avoid all of it snowballing at once. Try to get rid of it by paying back the amount consistently in small amounts.

Trim your budget if necessary

In cases when you feel like you are earning less than what you spend, it’s a sign that you need to trim some parts of your budget. This can help you save more money in the long run so cut down on excessive spending and focus on the most essential things. Remember that this is only temporary and for instances where your budget is tight at the moment.

Create an emergency fund

Aside from your main budget, you also need to allocate an amount for any unexpected spending. The emergency fund is only necessary if something suddenly comes up and you need to spend it immediately. It is usually for family emergencies so only use it when the need arises.

Track your expenses

Tracking your expenses is a helpful way to become more conscious of your spendings. It gives you an idea of where your money is going and how much is left. You can use a notebook or create a document on your computer to see the overall report of your expenses. There are also some budgeting applications that you can use to your advantage if you like.

Have goals

To motivate yourself to strictly follow your budget, you can set several goals. An example would be paying off your mortgage and student loans. Apart from having a clear goal, you also need to ask yourself why you are doing this. Following the previously mentioned example, paying off your student loans can help decrease your debts and worries in the future.

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Electronic Esusu can help you earn more even with low capital investment. In our system, we can guide you on how to become an agent and work within your means. Some of the great features on our site include online payments, high-quality reports and message alerts. See it now for more details.

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